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Jerry’s Lock & Key LLC is your trusted partner for comprehensive locksmith services in O’Fallon. With a deep understanding of locks, keys, and security systems, our skilled technicians provide solutions that safeguard your property and belongings. From emergency lockouts to high-security installations, we cover a wide range of needs. Our expertise extends to residential and commercial properties, offering tailored solutions for enhanced security.

Welcome To Jerry’s Lock & Key LLC

Your trusted locksmiths in O’Fallon, MO offering reliable services for homes, businesses, and vehicles. Your security is our top priority.

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About Us

Creating New Locks And Security Solutions

At Jerry’s Lock & Key LLC, your security is our expertise. Located in O’Fallon, our team specializes in an array of locksmith services, including high-security lock installations, car key replacements, lock repairs, and key cutting. Leveraging cutting-edge tools and advanced pin-tumbler mechanisms, we elevate your home and business security.

Our technicians master the art of lock picking, rekeying, and creating master key systems—knowledge often known only within the locksmith community. Ever wonder why car keys are so complex? It’s an anti-theft feature, and we can replicate them with precision. Lost the key to your safe? We navigate the intricate lock mechanisms to regain access without compromising the safe’s integrity.

We also tackle commercial projects, offering bespoke solutions like keyless entry systems and emergency exit locks. If you’ve ever faced a jammed lock, you know the internal levers sometimes misalign—a common issue we resolve in minutes. Jerry’s Lock & Key LLC is not just a service; it’s a cornerstone for your security in O’Fallon.

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Welcome To Jerry’s Lock & Key LLC

Why Choose Us ?

We at Jerry’s Lock & Key are always available, providing 24/7 assistance to address any locksmith issues you may encounter. Be it a lockout situation at your home or vehicle, or the need for a new set of keys, we have you covered. Our expertise goes beyond traditional locksmith services; we’re adept at installing advanced high-security lock systems and access controls to ensure maximum security for you. We maintain transparent pricing with no hidden fees, all while providing exceptional customer service. Choose us for a reliable and efficient lock & key service in St. Louis and surrounding area.

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We only use top-quality products to ensure the utmost security and durability of your property.

Free Consultation

We provide a free consultation to assess your locksmith needs and offer personalized solutions.

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Our team of professionals are highly trained ensuring top-quality service and customer satisfaction.

Modern Technology

Experience the cutting-edge advancements in locksmith technology for enhanced security and convenience.

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Our Services

O'Fallon Locksmith Services

Secure your property with confidence. Jerry’s Lock & Key offers comprehensive locksmith services including residential, commercial, and emergency assistance.

Emergency Lockouts

In urgent situations, Jerry's Lock & Key is your trusted emergency locksmith in Saint Louis. We provide prompt and efficient emergency lockout services, ensuring you gain access to your property swiftly and securely.

Residential Locksmith

Jerry's Lock & Key provides top-quality residential locksmith services in Saint Louis. From lock repair to key duplication and emergency lockout assistance, our team ensures the security of your home with expertise and care.

Commercial Locksmith

Trust Jerry's Lock & Key for reliable commercial locksmith services in Saint Louis. We offer security assessments, installation and repair of locks, smart locks, and master key cutting services to safeguard your business.

Lock Repair

Whether it's a residential or commercial lock, we provide professional lock repair services in Saint Louis. Our skilled technicians will restore the functionality of your locks quickly and effectively.

Car Lockout

If you're locked out of your car, Jerry's Lock & Key offers efficient car lockout services. Our team will swiftly assist you, gaining access to your vehicle without causing damage, allowing you to get back on the road quickly.

Car Key Programming

Need your car key programmed? Our automotive locksmith services in Saint Louis and surroundings, include car key programming to ensure your keys work seamlessly with your vehicle's electronic system.

Emergency Lockouts In O'Fallon

Locked out? Jerry’s Lock & Key LLC understands the urgency. With rapid response times, our technicians will reach you in no time. We use specialized tools to perform non-destructive entry, which means no damage to your doors. Ever wonder why some locks are harder to pick than others? The number of pins and the sequence makes a huge difference. Our team has the skill to tackle even high-security locks, ensuring you regain access swiftly. Don’t let a lockout disrupt your day; let us solve it for you.

Residential Locksmith In O'Fallon

At Jerry’s Lock & Key LLC, we specialize in securing your home with top-tier solutions. Why do deadbolts offer higher security? It’s all about the unique turning mechanism that resists forceful entry. We offer installations of high-security locks, rekeying, and master key systems tailored to your needs. Ever faced a jammed lock? Misaligned internal levers are often the culprit, and our experts can fix that in minutes. From upgrading your lock systems to creating new keys, we ensure your residence remains an impenetrable fortress.

Commercial Locksmith In O'Fallon

Securing a business requires specialized expertise, and that’s where Jerry’s Lock & Key LLC steps in. Whether it’s keyless entry systems or emergency exit locks, we provide solutions that adhere to commercial safety standards. Have you ever wondered how a master key system works? It’s a hierarchy of keys where one master key can open multiple locks, streamlining your access control. We also install high-security locks featuring complex pin configurations, making them nearly impossible to pick. Safeguard your commercial property with our tailored locksmith services.

Lock Repair In O'Fallon

A malfunctioning lock is more than an inconvenience; it’s a risk to your security. Jerry’s Lock & Key LLC offers comprehensive lock repair services that tackle common and complex issues alike. Ever noticed a sticky lock? The culprit is often a worn-out pin or tumbler, and our team knows exactly how to replace those components. We also deal with more complicated problems like misaligned deadbolts, using specialized tools to realign and recalibrate the lock’s internal mechanics. A dysfunctional lock doesn’t always need a replacement; often, a skilled repair can restore it to optimal function.

Car Lockout In O'Fallon

Stuck outside your vehicle? Jerry’s Lock & Key LLC comes to the rescue. Our swift response team knows the intricacies of car locks, which vary based on make and model. Ever wonder why modern car keys have transponder chips? They communicate with the car’s immobilizer, enhancing security. If you find yourself locked out, our experts employ non-destructive techniques to unlock your car. We also specialize in creating car keys, even for newer vehicles with advanced programming.

Car Key Programming In O'Fallon

Modern car keys do more than just unlock doors; they also start the engine. Jerry’s Lock & Key LLC offers advanced car key programming services to ensure your vehicle’s security. Did you know that transponder keys need to be programmed to match your car’s unique code? Our skilled technicians use specialized tools and software to sync the key with your car’s immobilizer system. We also handle remote key fobs, programming them for convenience and security. If you ever face issues with your car’s keys or remote entry, our experts have the knowledge to reprogram or replace them efficiently.


What Client Say

Discover what our valued clients have to say about their experiences with our locksmith services and why we’re the trusted choice for reliable and professional solutions in St. Louis and surrounding area.

Jerry's Lock & Key came to my rescue when I accidentally locked myself out of my house. Their response time was impressive, and their locksmith skill was unmatched. They quickly gained entry without causing any damage, saving me from a major headache.

Danendra House Lockout

Jerry's Lock & Key exceeded my expectations with their commercial locksmith services. They installed top-notch high-security locks, providing our premises with the level of protection we needed. Trustworthy, efficient, and highly recommended!

Hermawan High Security Locks

When I found myself locked out of my car late at night, Jerry's Lock & Key proved to be a lifesaver. Their automotive locksmith service was prompt and efficient. The locksmith skillfully opened my car door, and their friendly approach put me at ease.

Anton Mathew Car Lockout

Dining Tip In O'Fallon

JJ's Restaurant

Nestled within the heart of O’Fallon, a vibrant city where community bonds run deep, JJ’s Restaurant stands as a beloved culinary gem. With roots tracing back to 1995, this family-owned establishment has woven itself into the fabric of local traditions. 

The city’s friendly atmosphere resonates within the walls of JJ’s, where mouthwatering ribs, savory burgers, and enticing daily specials ignite the senses. Whether residents are celebrating milestones or simply seeking a flavorful escape, JJ’s Restaurant provides a welcoming haven.

The restaurant’s inviting banquet rooms cater to cherished occasions, offering a perfect backdrop for gatherings that leave lasting memories. As part of the local landscape, the restaurant embodies the essence of O’Fallon, reflecting its warmth, character, and dedication to culinary excellence. From intimate gatherings to satisfying cravings, JJ’s Restaurant remains a cherished emblem of O’Fallon’s culinary scene, embodying a rich history and a vibrant present.

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Experience reliable locksmith services in Saint Louis with Jerry’s Lock & Key. Trusted, professional, and dedicated to your security needs, with a commitment to exceptional service and customer satisfaction.

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